Top radar detectors review

So, you checked the law, got the green light and are now ready to outfit your vehicle with a brand new radar detector that will help you stay out of trouble while on the road. There’s just one problem: you probably don’t know the first thing about these devices nor where to start when looking to buy one.

While a higher detector price tends to translate to a better model, you won’t have to empty out your pockets to stay ahead of the road cops – here’s a review of some of the top radar detectors currently available on the market. So if you are ready to get your ride revved up, take a look at these reviews before you hit the road. Read More

How do radar detectors work?

While it’s not as important as a working engine or a good set of tires, a radar detector can still make for an invaluable addition to your vehicle. Since they’re not exactly the simplest of devices, it pays to know how radar detectors work if you plan on using them to their fullest.

To understand how a radar detector does its magic, one should first learn more about the means through which road officers capture the speed of a vehicle. The mechanism is surprisingly simple: the so-called radar gun constantly emits waves and registers every object they bounce back from along with its speed. Read More