Top radar detectors review

So, you checked the law, got the green light and are now ready to outfit your vehicle with a brand new radar detector that will help you stay out of trouble while on the road. There’s just one problem: you probably don’t know the first thing about these devices nor where to start when looking to buy one.

While a higher detector price tends to translate to a better model, you won’t have to empty out your pockets to stay ahead of the road cops – here’s a review of some of the top radar detectors currently available on the market. So if you are ready to get your ride revved up, take a look at these reviews before you hit the road.

Whistler CR90: Don’t worry, the Whistler won’t alert the police to your presence by whistling or making similar high-pitched noises. In fact, it’s one of the best devices of its kind on the market when talking performance as well as cost. In terms of what it offers, the CR90 doesn’t lag behind the competition one bit: aside from complete radar detection across each of the available spectrums, the device also boasts impressive laser detection capabilities without jamming the police’s laser and getting you into trouble. While laser detection doesn’t work nearly as well as radar scanning – by the time your device alerts you to the presence of a radar, you’ll probably already be in the thick of it –  it’s a useful feature to have, especially when not paying extra. Considering the price, it’s hard to fault the thing for minor downsides like a lack of community sharing – for what it offers, the CR90 ranks among the cheaper detectors on the market and comes with an extended warranty that protects your investment.

Cobra iRadar: Looking to go even cheaper? Cobra’s iRadar is around half the CR90’s price while maintaining a decent set of features. While the detection capabilities might not be as powerful, it should still suffice as both a radar and laser detector in the majority of the situations. But where’s the display? Well, the iRadar is controlled almost exclusively through a smartphone app (let’s leave the discussion of whether Apple should sue over the name for another article) – this means that if your smartphone dies or has its battery run out, the device will be rendered essentially useless. If you don’t mind using your smartphone even more than you already do, the iRadar is a good consideration to make both due to its attractive price and impressive features.

Escort Passport Max 2: It doesn’t get much better than the Max 2: Escort’s top-of-the-line product has everything you could hope for in a radar detector and more. Radar detection, laser detection, sharing between other detectors – you name it, and the Max 2’s got it. Aside from tremendous detection strength, the device also minimizes false positives: Escort clearly took the time to invest in accurate technology as misinterpreted signals are much less of an issue with the Max 2 than they are with many other detectors. To make things even better, the device features a color display that somewhat removes the need for a smartphone, although the Max 2 still makes full use of a mobile app. The major downside is the price: this detector costs more than three times what the CR90 does and ranks as one of the priciest of its kind on the market, and that’s without even counting in the mobile app subscription. If you can afford it, the Max 2 isn’t going to let you down, but most will choose not to part with so much money for something as niche as a radar detector.